The blue brotherhood

      I think I am gradually being initiated into the secretive and mysterious group that is the Norfolk Bog Door Blue Brotherhood.
      I met one of the farmers this morning while slowly walking the two Jack Russell Terriers, he asked how I felt after hospitalisation, how was I coping and what was I doing while saying I shouldn't overdo it. In reply I said that all I was going to do today would be going into the village for some raffia to tie my tomatoes up.
      A better solution was instantly offered and I was assured that it would be by the back gate before I returned with the two Jack Russell Terriers. And there it was. A whole, bulging, 56lb sack of blue baler twine, the kind you can't get any more and there's the bonus of hours of fun untangling a veritable Gordian knot in Norfolk Bog Door Blue. No sword needed here, just patience and time, and I've got plenty of time on my hands at the moment.


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