The notice board

      There's a bit of farming and agricultural social history on this notice board. There's no doubt that there are a lot of ecological mistakes too from the days when herbicides and pesticides almost became the main farming implements in the battle for productivity over everything and especially wildlife and plantlife.
      On the board are the formulae for all kinds of mixes and cocktails to keep something or other suppressed, down or simply eradicated and I have no doubt Agent Orange is in there somewhere too. Throughout the area I have a horror of what chemicals are lying around unfinished and unused, you'd probably need the men in white suits to dispose of them.
      One fruit farmer told us about the miracle of DDT, when in his youth, they partially filled an open sack with the powder and walked through the orchards banging the sack with a stick to distribute the powder.
      Masks and breathing apparatus? You're having a laugh.


  1. Some racy stuff there TT - pests and English spuds, English Plums - great stuff! TTFN Dickie


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