Thousands of unwanted visitors

      In the time that it took me to grab my camera and get out onto the front lawn a swarm of bees had disappeared down this disused chimney on the old cottage next door to us. The boss and I could hear them from fifty yards away as they swirled and gathered above the opening, there must have been thousands of them all busily looking for a place to set up home.
      It is a spectacle that we have never witnessed before, well not until we came to the West Norfolk Fenland, now every year we see one or two swarms looking for somewhere to call home.
      We have half a dozen or so big bumble bees whizzing around the North west corner of the house but these are twice the size of the 'chimney bees'.
      I know we need them as pollinators but why can't they find a hollow tree in the orchard and call that home?
      Or better still a hive.


  1. Is there a market for black honey? We have a black IPA in my local!


  2. They do put the fear of god up you when you hear that sound.. Angry disturbed wasps are even worse. I dont want to upset a hornet, ever.


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