Welcome to the machine

Part 2. The view from the window

      Another day just like the one before and the one before that but at least the sky is blue today and not grey so it's a more cheerful outlook.
      I sit on my super vinyl chair in my room, you know the kind you make one small movement and it sounds like you are farting, I'm watching the feral pigeons crapping everywhere on the rooftops, aerials and guard rails thinking that if I had my .17 rifle here I could make myself useful by reducing the numbers but I don't think the powers that be would approve of my plan.
      After the usual breakfast routine another consultant wafts in with a registrar in tow along with a male and female doctor. They all hatch plans then comes the inevitable snap of the gloves and yet another 'internal' examination. The finger waggling seems to go on forever and I ask if he's found anything, you know a bit like the dark side of the moon where there's supposed to be a London bus and a WW2 German bomber. We are not amused. Funnily enough neither am I.
      You can't go home until Saturday, which then becomes Sunday and finally Tuesday when I'm on oral antibiotics and they are seen to be working. So back in the old routine again enjoying the heating, the noise and the 'food' but also enjoying the company of the ever cheerful nurses who are like saints as far as I am concerned. I have nothing but praise for all of them, down to earth, funny and they make you laugh at yourself. When you need a sense of humour transplant that is a real skill.
      Then Tuesday arrives and I'm sent, along with the Boss, to the unfortunately named 'Discharge Lounge' to wait for my letter. I now know one thing, it's harder to get out than it is to get into hospital, it's a bit like Hotel California 'you can sign out whenever you like but you can never leave'.
      Finally I get home as an out-patient looking forward to more scans and cameras up where fingers have boldly gone before. That'll be something to look backwards to. When I finally get home I get a good solid licking from the two Jack Russell Terriers.
      That feels much better.


  1. Crikey TT - the clocks in your two "hospital" posts say it all! Welcome back old bean, you were mighty missed! TTFN Dickie

  2. Dickie, I've got another scan on Tuesday morning when hopefully they find out what caused the infection. Meanwhile I continue to eat Anti-biotics like sweets to hold the nasties at bay.


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