A map on a Monday

      Another of the linocut maps featured in a book produced by Caught by the River and called, appropriately enough, Caught by the river, A COLLECTION OF WORDS ON WATER. I'm sure that the hardback edition is out of print now but a little internet work would probably find a secondhand copy.
     This particular map was used to illustrate a chapter written by Paul Kingsnorth that was all about the upper River Thames above Oxford, the chapter was titled 'The poetry of small ambitions'.
      This stretch of the River Thames was one that I used to fish a lot in the 1970's. and I particularly remember the charm and atmosphere of the upper Thames in late summer and the autumn.
      You can't beat a little bit of nostalgia.


  1. A lot of your fishing has mirrored my own John! When we lived on the Upper River Evenlode I too fished some of this stretch - mainly between Lechlade and Shifford - loved it at Tadpole, Rushey Weir - barbel on a float amongst the cabbages and onions and narrow boats chugging by - lazy days with the odd beer thrown in, magic! Happy days! TTFN Dickie


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