Lost. Found. But not captured

      This Harris Hawk has been flying around the area for quite a few weeks. Apparently the falconer is known locally as 'Hissing Sid', don't even ask, anyway it would seem that he is unable to recapture the bird.
      'Harris' is flying around quite unconcerned and he's surviving so he is obviously catching enough prey to keep him fit and strong while he enjoys his life in the wild, well the wild of West Norfolk at least. The leather jesses are still hanging from his legs too and he seems totally untroubled by them being a permanent fixture.
      Driving around the local area we see him sitting on barns and poles but this time I saw him as I kicked out the the two terriers for their pee this morning, there he was perched on an aerial on an Anglian Water pumping station near the house.
      Maybe a piece of steak will lure him a little bit closer?