Not quite NBDB

      A farmer gave us this old corrugated 1930's water butt as a planter for the boss' fig tree. It was almost inevitable that the boss and I would decide to paint the metal in that lovely hue Norfolk Bog Door Blue. Then we tried to find a supplier who could provide us with that elusive tin of Norfolk Bog Door Blue. We drove all over the area trying different hardware stores but none of them could, or would, supply us with the blue of the brotherhood.
      Inevitably we settled on a blue that looked right on the colour chip but when it was applied to the metal it just wasn't quite the proper shade of blue. The only solution to the problem would seem to be a colour chip of the 'colour' for the shop to scan and work out the composition of the mix, but I bet there'll be a reason for it not being possible to mix the colour.
      The Norfolk Bog Door Blue conspiracy gains more momentum.


  1. You have to send a flake to Farrow & Ball John! Make a fortune with all the Boden luvvies!! TTFN Dickie


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