Standing to attention

      It's taken quite a while because this flower, or weed to some, is growing in very hard and trying conditions in a farmer's wood heap. You know one of those collections of old fencing and posts that could well come in useful one day.
      The plant has limped upwards and is now, finally, proudly erect, all-in-all a pretty good effort under adverse conditions. At the top is the progress report and below what seems to me to be the finished article.
      Maybe the flower stem will just get bigger with more flowers.


  1. One of my favourite plants TT - for some reason it always brings a smile to my face and love the way it's dark brown faded form hangs on to late autumn, TTFN Dickie

    1. They do pop up in the most taxing of spots. And with value added architectural form late into the year. Or what you both said really..


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