Suspicious poppies

      The boss and I haven't got a clue where these rather flashy poppies came from. Perhaps the seeds passed through a bird and were deposited in the garden in that manner, or maybe the seeds were simply carried on the wind. I've had  a walk around the immediate area with the two terriers but I couldn't find any similar poppies, so it's a bit of a mystery.
      Farmer's do 'diversify' but I don't know if opiates are part of the new agricultural plan for the United Kingdom.
      It would be a lucrative cash crop though.
      The boss says forget it.


  1. Welol, you are not far from Wisbekisthan

  2. Funny you should post this TT as we too have had a cluster of poppies arrive around the place, some quite splendid flowers, will try and post a pic. They are in nooks & crannies in walls etc, so must have blown in somehow - very welcome they are too. TTFN Dickie


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