The end of the road

      Certainly it's the end of the road for this little fellow.
      I found him lying on the grass by the back gate when I was taking the two terriers for their early morning walk. There's no damage on him. or her, and why why the shrew's toes curled up I simply do not know.
      Maybe the heat has been just too much or dehydration played a part in the little creatures demise. I'm always surprised just how small these little animals are and usually the only thing I see relating to them are their bones in the barn owl pellets by the old apple trees and old farm buildings.

      It's Friday morning as we go through the back gate with the two Jack Russell Terriers there's another dead shrew lying on the flagstones. Bizarre. There's no visible damage on the little creature so precisely what has killed them both who knows? Maybe it is the heat and dehydration taking its toll on them. Looking at the little corpses makes you wonder just how big they are when they are born.
      Another one of mother nature's mysteries.


  1. Bereft of life, may he rest in peace......I have a vague recollection that they have a very nasty bite if so pushed....can't remember where I heard this, recall a tale of someone actually chased by one possibly whilst fishing...amazing if true. Lovely little fellas, love their shuffling and snuffling when bankside. TTFN Dickie

  2. An "attack Shrew!' Now there's a thought.


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