Chips, chips and more chips

      The twenty two acre field at the back of the house that was planted earlier in the year with Agri potatoes holds the promise of a massive crop. The plants are absolutely huge and the white flowers look like confetti has been thrown about and spread all over the crop.
      When we're out walking the two Jack Russell Terriers and they get into the foliage they completely disappear, the haulms don't even move. The stalks are so dense that while Minnow was rooting about in there she put up three pheasants and two roe deer that she heard but never saw.
      As I posted a little while ago all of the harvest of potatoes from this field will be heading for London's fish and chip shops so, if you live in London, your eagerly anticipated Friday fish supper may well be accompanied by chips made from the potatoes in this field.
      Note to self, must remember to cadge a bag off the contractors.