July 28 is the new June16

      Finally the chance to get the rod out and chase some crucian carp, or even a tench. It's dull and it's windy but I have permission to fish a private, reed fringed mere in a wood. What can possibly go wrong?
      The swim for the evening is selected and I make myself comfortable, throw out some small offerings of sweetcorn and tackle up. The depth of the swim is plumbed, the float set and out goes the tackle baited with two grains of sweetcorn. After a few minor adjustments  there's a bite on the third cast and Rudd of about six ounces is swiftly returned to the water. A good start.
      Half an hour later no more bites so I opt to bite into my ham sandwiches. Underwater, well it all remains quiet but the wind is now steadily rising. Another half hour passes and still no more bites and now it's beginning to rain but under the trees I'm quite sheltered and feeling comfortable. The rain stops and the wind rises further and now I'm being soaked by water filtering down through the tree, I'm also swatting at some wasps that are being attracted by my sandwiches.
      The wind increases and the rain intensifies, I flail at a couple of wasps as I pack up, then I find the wasps nest a couple of yards behind me, I must have been sitting right in the middle of their approach pattern. Brilliant.
      I now remember why I hardly bother with fishing until October 1 when when I start pike fishing.
      October 1 is the new June 16.


  1. Stop moaning and get back down there and catch a few.

  2. Oh dear! What a performance.......bloody wasps! Lovely looking scene, you HAVE to go back. The rod, float against the herbage looks such a tranquil scene. TTFN Dickie


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