Out of North Africa

      Finally and at last our retired farmer and neighbour has brought the 1941 Reserve First Aid Box in the old tractor shed down from the rafters and it has been thoroughly examined. Obviously we were hoping for a lot of out-of-date treasure inside so that we would be fully prepared when North Korea invaded West Norfolk, but we'll have to go back to the drawing board on that one.
      Sadly all that was lurking inside the pannier was an old leather Gladstone Bag that might have belonged to Jack the Ripper, the bag won't open, but we're working on trying to release the seized up brass catches.
       As for the suggested owner of the Gladstone Bag well it's simple really you have to have a little provenance for the bag to create some interest when it goes on eBay.

      The label on the pannier lid tells another story, a story that is all about the standard contents of a 1941 field first aid kit. The Boss got really excited at the thought of a jar containing 500 Bromide tablets, she reckoned they'd be really useful, can't think why. I was more worried about the Lead and Opium tablets along with the Iron and Arsenic tablets. What the devil were they prescribed for?
      The contents included plenty of needles, catgut and silkworm gut for stitches, safety pins, syringes, plasters and all the usual bandages plus lots of extras.
      What a pity it wasn't still full.