Plum perfect

      Yesterday was a big day, a real event in the season of plenty, because the first of the season's plums the Laxtons Early have ripened at last. One day they are unripe and inedible then overnight the alchemy has magically taken place and there they are glowing and ripe. The problem now is not to eat too many of the little beauties in a sitting because of the obvious and healthy effect on the digestive system.
      So it's time for the application of will power and rationing. Pick two plums on the way out with the two Jack Russell Terriers and another two as you pass through the orchard on the way back. How easy is that?
      To hell with it, let's have another.


  1. Sounds like a good time to pop over and see you......

  2. I bloody love plums! Obvious consequences of course as I don't have a "stop" button....I'll get my coat......enjoy! TTFN Dickie

  3. Yes, the plums are swelling nicely


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