Plum Tsar

      Most of the Laxton's Early plums are now well past their best but to replace them we now have a lovely crop of real plum royalty, the Tsars, they are more a more traditional colour and hang from the branches just like a bunch of giant grapes, they also taste superb.
      The boss reckons that they make the best plum jam of any of the varieties that are growing in the orchard but we still have the Victoria, Marjorie Seedling and Burbank Giant Prune yet to come to complete the plum harvest; a veritable cornucopia of plums.
      All digestive systems are now synchronised and working perfectly.


  1. Some brown sugar, ginger and may be a hint of chilli or even black pepper and in a lovely crumble with lashings of vanilla rich custard.

  2. Definitely the best for flavour! No need to ad spies or sugar ... I eat them straight from the tree in my mother's garden. And have the Proustian moment of being transported back to my grandparents' orchard of Tsars, Rivers and Cambridge Gages.

  3. I picked and ate four this morning. Delicious.


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