Spider catchers

      Those visiting migrants, the House Martins and Swallows, have found an excellent source of food that they don't have to catch in-flight. Spiders.
      They've been flying right up into the boards on the soffit of the house, hanging on the wall and steadily picking off the spiders in their webs. However when you want to take a photograph you struggle to find one feeding, but if you put the camera down and there will be up to half a dozen up there fluttering and squeaking.
      The massive colony of cobwebs that gathered up in the right angle where the wall meets soffit have been drastically reduced so I suppose there will be less hungry visitors, well there will be until the spiders re-colonise the area because it must be a good hunting area for them as well.
      Strangely there are no nests up there so it is obviously no more than a food source, a pantry if you like. Meanwhile we're getting used to the sound of a lot of fluttering and squeaking.