Technology. Who needs it?

      Whenever I'm walking the two Jack Russells and I meet the farmer the morning after we've had rain in any form, be it a storm, steady rain or drizzle he asks me 'what've you got?' He doesn't trust my fancy Duracell powered digital weather station for rainfall measurement just his trusty analogue rain catcher.
      Despite all the digital computer linked sophistication of my system the old system using the measuring analogue rain catcher always matches my measurement. He doesn't give a toss about humidity, his pressure checks come from the old family barometer on the wall and the wind direction from his weather vane.
      Who needs batteries then? OK, well what about some seaweed nailed to the bog door?


  1. Or your bones!! I knows when tis getting damp as me bones do creak summat awful! TTFN Dickie

  2. That will lnow be full, solid and heavy rain all day today round Lynn


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