The lady in black

      We had just enjoyed a splendid lunch in a pub in a picturesque Norfolk village and while the family were carefully loading themselves into the car for their well deserved sleep on the journey back home I noticed a lovely slate plaque above a front door.
      For a letterform freak, or addict as I prefer, the plaque ticked all the boxes. Simple, effective, lovely fonts so I took a picture. After I'd taken the picture I noticed the shadowy figure dressed in black with a pale face standing back from the window. Then she started waving.
      On the drive back home, the family snoring away, I begin to think that this is all getting a little mysterious like a Wilkie Collins or Conan Doyle mystery. Was she waving for help? Was she a prisoner? Did she really exist?
      I think we may have to go back for lunch and another pint at the pub. After enjoying a refreshing locally brewed ale and a light lunch I will take a short walk, take a seat and on the opposite side of the green pretending to read a quality broadsheet newspaper.
      We'll see what develops. The woman in black may be depending on me.