We don't want no education

      A little gem of spontaneous graffiti found on a clothing bank and he, or she, almost managed to spell the word correctly, but not quite. Why the eyes are scrubbed out we don't know because they certainly are not 'bollicks', it may well be that the graffiti artist felt that the crossing out adds a little gravitas but on the other hand maybe not.
      Maybe thinking twice is just too much effort then? Whatever.
      Definitely not applying for an appearance on Countdown then?


  1. Heard you were back in the Machine today.

  2. I had an appointment with the senior orthopaedic consultant plus the usual Xray and blood test. All is clear and the pelvic bone has no infection anymore, he hopes. If the bloods show no infection indicators I'm off the antibiotics. Hopefully normality will resume soon. John.

    PS I think you spoke to Sue's brother?

    1. Was out your way John. Good to hear you are on the mend.


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