Gathering strength

      Sadly the asparagus season ended on June 21st  so no more Purple passion for probably ten months. Aand for the asparagus bed? Well it's now a time for consolidation and gathering strength for the ability to produce a bumper crop for next year.
      Some people keep on cropping the beds throughout the summer but the ability of the plant to produce succulent tasty shoots for a lot of seasons gradually wanes and through impatience you are back to square one. Just as you have to crop lightly for the first few years you have to stop picking at the end of the third week in June or, as the farmer says, you risk offending the asparagus gods.
      For that reason to be able to grow quality asparagus the farmer or gardener needs to be the very definition of the term that patience is a virtue.


  1. No green pee for a year. There's always beetroot though.

  2. One of the highlights of the year is the asparagus season - growers are full of folklore associated with it - tis the short season that makes it special! With you on the beet BB - fill your boots, Dickie


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