The apple audit

      Walking around the orchard this morning with the two Jack Russell Terriers and we, or  at least I, decided to do an impromptu check on the progress of this year's apple crop. An apple audit if you like. It goes without saying that the two terriers weren't in the least bit interested in my new found mission, they just disappeared into the undergrowth and it took an age to get them out of the jungle and back on their leads.
      Anyway, for what it's worth here is the progress of the fruit so far.

Discovery, the first eating apple to ripen and they are pretty well ready for eating now.

Grenadiers, a cooking apple that is almost ready and we reckon they are better
than the ubiquitous Bramley.

Michaelmas Red, a sort of second early just as the Discovery apples pass their best this apple ripens.

Bramleys, they have a way to go yet. The farmer says early October is a perfect time for picking. Because they pick them when they are too green and unripe to go into the supermarkets.

Spartan. Another lovely eating apple and they're coming along nicely too.

Golden Delicious, still small but it looks like a big crop is on the cards and November,  weather permitting, should be just right. Forget those things that masquerade as Golden Delicious in the supermarkets, they bear no resemblance to these apples.

Tydeman's Early Worcester. Nearly ready, two or three weeks or to go.

Jonnagold. A late desert apple, October/November.

      There are Queen Cox in the orchard too but the trees are on the way out, they're very old although the trees do produce a small crop of small, sweet apples. Next week a pear audit.