Thirteen jars

      This is where the bramble picking ended up. They were washed as soon as I got them home and the fruit was immediately consigned to the mighty jam pan and the alchemy began. Two hours or so later and the jars were being filled and when they finally cooled off on went the lids and labels and now they are in the winter cupboard and ready for action.
      To put the record absolutely straight the real output was thirteen jars and a very small dish, the jam in the ramekin dish was used on some specially baked scones with the am and clotted cream on top washed down with a cup of tea.
      Apparently it doesn't do a lot for the athlete's figure but who cares?


  1. Oh my days! What are you trying to do to me John - I am reading this in bed, famished, could eat a cart horse and one of those scones (I could actually eat 3 easily!) - it's not fair! Happy days, Dickie


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