That's one less

      Out for a walk with the two Jack Russell Terriers down by the river when the ratting queen, Minnow, dives into the waterside reeds and emerges with treasure in her mouth. A yard further out beyond the reeds and she would have been covered in the stinking green snot that is covering the surface but at least she didn't drag the rest of the corpse out.
      The treasure appears to be the now dried out and decomposed head of a cormorant or maybe a great crested grebe; the former is the angel of death and we have hundreds of them pillaging the fish stocks and the other we have too few of and are beautiful birds. I prefer to think of it as a cormorant skull and beak and Minnow sees it as something to crunch up, a bit of the 'finders keepers' or 'mine not yours' attitude.
      Whether she likes it or not it's on the window sill out of terrier reach.
      At least I think it is.