The beer man delivers

      We returned from a visit to the vets with the two Jack Russell Terriers to find two bottles of craft ale on the front doorstep being chilled in the biblical strength torrential rain.
      They must have been delivered by the beer fairy said the boss but there was no real magic involved they'd been left for me by Bure Boy to celebrate my discharge from 'The Machine'. Thank you BB, one was consumed on Saturday evening and the other on Sunday evening, and very good they were.
      Now, the beer fairy, there's a concept. You pop a crown cork or bottle top under your pillow and in the morning, abracadabra, there's another bottle on the doorstep.
      I'll try it tonight.


Bureboyblog said…
Beer fairy...I like that.
Dickie Straker said…
You lucky thing! We only get milk delivered here! Glad you are discharged from the machine TT - keep an eye out for postie later this week, your poppy seeds are on their way - who needs beer when you get drugs in the post!!!!! TTFN Dickie