A black heart wind

      Saturday  dawned and with it another hard frost, clear blue skies and a truly biting wind. I knew that I had a couple of hours later in the day fora quick trip to the waterside, but where to go?
      Do I go to the drain which is closer but very little shelter or the longer trip to the estate lake where there is shelter. Sadly laziness won out and I took the short drive so that I would be fishing quicker.

      I fished with two rods one under the tree opposite bank holding a dead roach on the lip of the underwater shelf and the other with a frozen small against the weed and branches on the far bank. After an hour not a touch and no sign of fish moving either. I fished close in against the weeds and rushes. I fished the centre of the drain. All angles, methods and attempts to lure a pike achieved the same result. Nothing.
      The red polyball never moved, the alarm on the other rod never beeped and all the while the wind kept blowing and seemed to just get colder and colder.

      To lighten the gloom on a bright and sunny day the worms continued to receive the attention of the roach and perch giving the afternoon some interest despite the robins' attempts to steal my dwindling worm supply. There were lots of other birds in evidence too, wrens, kingfishers, long tailed tits, goldfinches and chaffinches, perhaps they know something we don't.
      Next time it will have to be the estate lake I think, or maybe it will the drain I've never fished before that runs up to a dead end. Or it could be the big drain. Decisions, decisions.
      I hope that black heart wind blows itself out too.


Bureboyblog said…
Black heart wind in deed TT
Dickie Straker said…
Those swims look amazing, has to be a lunker or two in there.......perchy! Bloody cold at the moment though, bet it's colder up there!! TTFN Dickie
We have the pleasure of the lazy wind and a little sugary snow swirling around.