Apple in a Stargate

      The Two Terriers have frequently reported on the use of the West Norfolk orchards as a port-of-call for aliens and 'people' in intergalactic craft stocking up on Bramleys, Spartans and Discovery apples, plus the odd plum and pear, to take back to Alpha Centauri and probably even further flung reaches of the galaxy.
      Needless to say we have often pondered how they cover those vast distances without the apples becoming over-ripe and rather floury and now we know how they do it. It's blindingly simple and obvious and, like all great discoveries, it's staring you right in the face.
      An Applegate. It works just like a Stargate, you must remember the television series, so it simply needs no further explanation. It just works and there's one above. Cleverly camouflaged but then you wouldn't want any old hobbledehoy using your Applegate would you?
      Sorry Professor Stephen Hawking, the Two Terriers have just beaten you to it, not discovering gravity obviously but the solution to intergalactic travel.
      I dare anybody to eat that apple though.