Ice lolly apples

      Early morning and I'm out bright and early taking the two Jack Russell Terriers for their walk and it is a really cold and frosty morning. The grass is white with frost as are the headlands on the fields and the dyke sides. In the orchard the good old humble apple is wearing a coat of icy make-up and even the less than perfect Jonnagold above has a new look because of an image make-over thanks to being decorated with icy droplets.
      The dogs with their perfect teeth are picking up windfalls and crunching away happily so following their example I decide to go for my apple-a-day straight from a tree and straight from mother nature's chiller. 
      I pick a large one, as you do, and bite into the frosty and icy apple.

      Ouch! Fillings begin to twang and the root canal work lets me know that there are still some bits of nerves left somewhere in there. The icy cold apple arcs out into the field for the birds, rodents or foxes to consume.
      Another apple is selected and picked then buried deep in one of my pockets to warm through a little and hopefully spare me some pain when I do finally bite into it. The two Jack Russell Terriers look on somewhat baffled and bemused at my increasingly weird antics.
      That's quite normal.