On the beach again

      Back to the seaside and it doesn't matter how cold it is our two Jack Russell Terriers simply love the beach but the only problem with running them in big open spaces is that responding to the call of their names, or the whistle, goes out of the window.
      The big spaces mean that they have instantly re-programmed and re-focussed themselves and obedience is in the trash. This is particularly so with Barney and that's why he's been put back on his lead. It must be something to do with the sound of the sea and the great wide sandy beaches at low tide and he also loves water, even if it is freezing cold.
      Goodness knows where Minnow was. A reasonable assumption would be that she was looking for trouble somewhere; seagulls, waves and other dogs just let me get at them and I'll sort them out.
      That seems, in fact, to be a fair assessment of the Jack Russell Terrier temperament.