Plaw Field. Printed, trimmed and editioned

      The print that was a work in progress last week is now finished, the last colour has dried and the print has been trimmed, signed and editioned.
      Plaw Field is a linocut printed in eight colours and the workers cottage depicted sits on the edge of the field by a dyke. Apparently, or so the story goes, the field was originally given to the village by one of the Henrys, either the V or VI, and it covers area of about forty acres or so. Now it is divided by dykes and drainage channels and farmed in the modern way, when I am out there with the two Jack Russell Terriers the big sky makes you feel really quite small.
       Plaw Field is printed on white, 300gsm Madrid Litho, in an edition of ten.


Bureboyblog said…
Think you should mention that place now and then, plant the seed
It's a big space but broken up now. No doubt it was once used to practice archery skills but that is only an assumption. I will do more research. The area was once probably double what it is now. Boundaries change. A trip to Ely is needed.
Bureboyblog said…
Keep your eyes peeled for A10 bottles
Dickie Straker said…
Lovely TT - absolutely stunning in fact - what is the meaning of plaw? Is that a fenland term?? TTFN Dickie