Shiny aluminium and a good decal

      With no apologies it's more from the Shuttleworth collection at Old Warden, the aircraft collection that we visited last week, in fact the visit was so interesting and enjoyable that we are going back again next week. That'll be something to look forward to.
      Anyway we love a fine example of aircraft art and vintage aircraft, whether it's Memphis Belle or more humble aircraft, and this aircraft is a little more humble than the mighty Memphis Belle but it is still beautiful with all that shiny aluminium and glossy blue paint. The decal is brilliant too.

      I'm a little bit worried about the aircraft that has, er, mounted the bomb but I assume that the 'dog aircraft' is sweating with the effort of carrying the weight and doesn't need a bucket of water thrown over it.
      For all those vintage aeroplane lovers out there the delightful silver and blue aircraft is a 1938 Ryan SCW145 constructed almost entirely in aluminium and powered by a 145bhp Warner Super Scarab Radial.
      Right, that's the technical bit over so let's polish aluminium or is that aluminum?
      OK, polish on, polish off.