Spread and use sparingly

      The Boss, with her usual alchemy, has turned the last of this year's bumper chilli crop into a rather dangerous chilli sauce.
      There were about two pounds of mixed chillies remaining, mainly the appropriately named Ring of Fire with the balance being Serrano and Hungarian Hot Wax, the last two varieties still being quite hot. They were all chopped-up with their seeds and boiled down with the last of the tomatoes and the addition of the Boss' secret ingredients, ingredients I don't know.
      I am able to report that this is the hottest that she has ever made, in fact it is eye wateringly hot, it's quite delicious too. Even cooling down in its lidless jars it looks quite explosive so the next stage is to sterilise the lids and stick the labels on.
      Labels that will have a suitable warning about the power of the contents I might add.


Bureboyblog said…
Ah, the loneliness of the redundant jar.
Monty Dalrymple said…
We have in the fridge at present, home made "Hot pepper sauce". "Pickled Okra with added chilli" and finally " Pickled Shallots" again with added chilli. They have been fermenting for three weeks now.

Not to be opened until Boxing Day, to be taken with extreme caution.
Dickie Straker said…
Wow! What an amazing colour TT - I bet it packs a punch! Splendid! TTFN Dickie