Work, earn, buy, win super car

      Comrade, you must work harder for the party and while you are working ever harder and more productively you must work in a safe manner then, with your hard earned roubles, 'buy some Lottery Tickets' from the beautiful comrade. There you go, sex selling lottery tickets in Russia in the early 1970s, whatever next?
      The Russian posters were given to me by an uncle who worked in Russia in that period setting up a Terylene plant for ICI, his KGB minder got the posters for him to give to me. Some of them have her translation of the Russian on them and lurking somewhere in one of my plans chests I have some more that I must look out.
      The printing isn't great and the paper, which is almost like newsprint, is becoming very faded, brittle and fragile but they are safe enough in a frame.
      Excellent image on the lottery ticket too.
      And what about that first prize car, I want one. Sorry, my capitalist tendencies are showing there, time for some voluntary re-education.


Bureboyblog said…
Them Ruskies had prop-art down to a tee.