You can't always get what you want

      Here are some more fabulously nostalgic examples of branding on the commonplace and also on the not quite so commonplace. Names on vehicles are still an important part of the aspirational desires of the consumer but these examples come from a different age and you can see the care that has gone into the making of the logos themselves let alone the vehicles.

      They are all very much of the period between the two world wars and perhaps some of them originated before World War 1. They are however very evocative and we love them, in fact we like them so much we'd like them all on the kitchen wall. 
      As for the tractor that is confidently named 'Le Robuste 40' we assume that it did exactly what it said on the front, well it is still here after all and in working order.

      The Austin logo looks like a little piece of somebody's hand lettering but at least the mechanic was confident enough to have go with their paint brush and tin of enamel paint. It may not be a factory produced example but I'll bet they stood back, scrutinised the finished result and thought, not bad, not bad at all.
      I would't mind that Royal Warrant that's on the Leyland bus radiator on the top of my printing press but I suppose I'll have to stick with Mr Hopkinson Cope's acanthus leaves.

      You can't always get what you want can you?