A peeping tom

      There I am rooting about in the bedroom looking for my spare camera battery and I get the feeling that I'm being watched. Everybody knows that strange feeling, you can't put your finger on what it is or why it is but you just know that you are being watched.
      A scan around the room and, of course, nothing. Then the sun came out and fluttering shadow appeared on the floor a quick peek out of the window and there's my peeping tom quite clearly watching my every move. Down below there is nothing but gravel so I can't believe that the kestrel was looking for prey, I think it was just plain curious.
      He, or she, puts up with one photograph being taken through the closed window then as I open the window for a clearer shot the kestrel just side slips away almost saying 'no more photographs thank you my identity must be kept secret'.


Bureboyblog said…
The old English name for a kestrel is worth a Google John
You're not wrong, there are some names that the RSPB wouldn't use in their magazine!