A work in progress again

      I've started cutting the blocks for another print, that is provisionally titled 'Fen derelict' and the first two colours have been printed on the sky. It's the second of the series depicting the old and disused buildings and equipment that sit next to the drains, rivers and dykes that criss-cross the West Norfolk landscape.
      Tomorrow I will pull a first proof of the detailed line-work as a simple black printing and work into the block again until, after another proofing stage, it will have reached a finished state and be ready for overprinting on to the previously printed colours. Then more colours will be added until a finished print is reached. Well hopefully.
      And the white mark on the Lino block?
      Well that was me getting over enthusiastic, slipping with the gouge and driving it into my finger. As I always used to say to students, never cut towards flesh it's much softer than the lino.
      A bad case of don't do as I do, do as I say.