Frost, snow, wind and some sun

      I know I keep mumbling on about the weather fronts, synoptic charts and what goes on up in the great blue yonder that is the skydome that arches over West Norfolk and the Fens but as a free entertainment it never ceases to amaze. You just have to learn to be patient and spend five or ten minutes watching, simply stand, gaze, enjoy and marvel.
      The two Jack Russell Terriers won't have a problem with the arrangement, they'll be happy with their noses down rooting about in the dykesides and undergrowth for hours and hours never mind five or ten minutes.

      The weather has been somewhat variable since the celebrated day of snow that crippled the UK. You can have a crystal clear and frosty morning that by ten o'clock the same day has clouded over and a gale has started to blow. We've had squalls that practically blow you away accompanied by vicious blast of rain that you can see coming from miles away, if you can see them coming you can get under cover and watch in relative comfort. Unless you are stuck in the middle of the fen of course and if you are you just have to keep walking and take your punishment.
      Below? Well it's hardly a Fen sky but after the snow the Bay Trees decorated with Christmas lights looked, well, Christmassy.
      You simply have to get into the festive mood.
      Did I hear someone say 'bah, humbug'?