Barney van dog and sleepy

      We've had the kitchen fitters in the house for the last ten days working on the new utility room and now we have nearly finished. There's only the decorating, tiling, electrics and flooring to do. Definitely nearly finished.
      While we get stressed about the upheaval our two Jack Russell Terriers see the whole situation as one of opportunity. Barney has discovered a love of the ubiquitous white van. At any opportunity he climbs in the back, refuses to come out, and spends his time hunting for the fitters sandwich box and the opportunity to steal the man's lunch.
      Meanwhile Minnow, the old girl, is infinitely more sensible she gets herself into my studio, curls up and goes to sleep despite the sound of saws and hammer drills in the next room but one.
      How does she sleep with one eye open? A bit like a crocodile I suppose.