Vintage rat hunting

      Now that all of the potatoes are harvested and the sugar beet season is in full-swing the sightings of rats close to the house have increased. The reason is simple, our rodent 'friends' are looking for food and they are pretty bold with it too, dustbins, insecure sheds and food left around for birds, it's all fair game.
      Working in the garden you can often see them picking up windfall medlars from the lawn so all of that fallen fruit will have to be gathered and composted, and if you have bird feeders they are around like iron filings are attracted to a magnet.
      So, when I am out in the garden the vintage .177 Webley air pistol is to hand as is the Feinwerkbau air rifle to deal with the pests. They'll soon get the message.
      They don't like it up them Mr Mainwaring.


Piscator said…
Same here,but I'm having to deal with destructive bloody squirrels!
Grey squirrels, the lovable little rogues, are just rats with good PR. I think the .410 will be out tomorrow. John
Bureboyblog said…
Just the one, Mrs. Webley