A terrier fades away

      Sadly we're down to one Jack Russell Terrier again as Old Father Time takes his inevitable toll.
      Minnow our twelve year old terrier visited our regular vet who, in turn, referred her to the 'Supervets' near Newmarket at a veterinary hospital crammed with the very latest technology and specialists covering every aspect of veterinary medicine. Sadly the prognosis wasn't good. They promised that they would investigate and do what they could but in truth it wasn't a matter of 'if', but 'when'. It's quite incredible how a little and highly energetic terrier can go from fighting fit to an invalid in six weeks.
      An ultrasound confirmed that a tumour had spread from a gland her abdomen into her lungs and the only reasonable decision was to float her away. A rotten decision to make but the only one.
      The boss and I are totally destroyed.

      When we finally got back home her mate Barney looked at her lead with a real hang-dog expression, dogs definitely know what is going on. Now there's only one thing left to do, well there are two actually, pour a beer and go down the garden and howl at the icy moon.
      That'll be Minnow's moon as in the print below that went into the Jack Russell Terrier book.


Bureboyblog said…
Sad news you two.
Sorry to hear that TT. Best wishes to you both.
Dickie Straker said…
Oh you poor things! I know what you are going through, no comfort, but think of the joyous times, my heart goes out to you......sending warm wishes, Dickie
Absinthe said…
Sorry to hear this news. It's never easy when one leaves you.
Piscator said…
Very sad,lost a few my self always a hart breaking time.