Blue with cold

      Out for the early morning walk the now single Jack Russell Terrier, Barney, and it is bitterly cold. The back road that I have to cross to get to the farm gate was just a sheet of black ice and the puddles in the tractor tracks were white with ice. Four paw drive is definitely an attribute in those conditions as the terrier ploughs on totally unconcerned at his master slipping and sliding around.
      The farmer has been removing logs for sawing and splitting from his huge pile of applewood, a bit of log envy there, and glowing like a beacon is some blue. Norfolk Bog Door Blue revealed in a woodpile and as bright as the day it was applied. Amazing, well it was to me anyway.
      Then as we both passed a farmyard and it is just beginning to snow there's yet more Norfolk Bog Door Blue highlighted by the frost.
      Those two very different sightings made my day. Simple pleasures.
      Simple mind says the Boss.


Dickie Straker said…
I reckon someone is doing this to you on purpose - perhaps you are caught up in some twisted MR James NBDB story......wrap up warm and keep looking over your shoulder! TTFN Dickie
Bureboyblog said…
It 's a Farrow and Ball ruse to get free publicity for their distressed farmer chic eggshell range.