Filling the gap

      Everything feels just a little bit strange without my little friend being around under my feet.
      There's no early morning cadger trying to steal toast or cereal either by outright theft or the winning head cocked on one side look, and no terrier to agree with my views on politicians when they turn up on the Today programme. That's one of the big gaps they leave when they go, they are a massive part of your life and routine.
      So in an attempt to achieve a degree of 'normality and after the boss' failure to make sourdough bread I decided to have a go myself with the boss acting as my sous chef. The first attempt hasn't come out half bad either. The only trouble is that when it is cool enough to cut you end up eating a whole loaf between you.
      Anyway up above is the first attempt and it didn't last long. This weekend we'll have another go and further extend the baker's art.
      On the basis of the last baking exercise it'll probably extend my waistline first.
      That's the trouble with comfort food.


Dickie Straker said…
Cor! That loaf looks good! I am nodding as I read your words TT - the very same here with our two's a bloody horrible thing......keep going, keep remembering....ttfn Dickie
Dickie, it was really good, toasted with butter and honey, butter when it was warm or with and egg, smoked bacon and black pudding. The waistline problem revealed. Min would have loved those crusts. John