It's a sunny day shock

      It might be absolutely freezing and blowing a gale but at least it's a really clear and sunny day, bracing I suppose they used to call it, and definitely isn't another grey day for a change. In reality the 'Lazy Wind' is blowing with a vengeance and trying its hardest to cut you in two, mind you if you are covered in a good layer of hair you hardly notice it, strange how dogs never seem to notice the weather.
      After a lot of rooting around in the dykeside Barney has seen the farmer about half a mile away slowly walking towards us and if we manage to meet up at the old Nissen hut we can at least exchange pleasantries about the weather shielded from the icy blast of the lazy wind.
      As a postscript the Norfolk Reed looks fantastic in the sun, the wind has stripped all the leaves away and now the reed looks like miniature bamboo waving and swaying in the wind.
      Absolutely lovely.


Bureboyblog said…
i have been commanded to take a brisk walk every day. Starting tomorrow.
We cover quite a lot of distance but with two terriers, then one, you zig-zag around, pull them out of undergrowth and with minnow holes in the ground so you cover terrier miles. You may do mail in a straight line but they do fifty per cent more. Supposed to be good for you. Apparently. John