Progressed to finished

      Finally I've finished the print 'Fenland derelict' after all of the stopping and starting over the Christmas holiday period. The original building has massive holes in the back wall and no doors at the back either, it looks very strange with the sun shining through it, perhaps that was no small part of the attraction. Certainly it would be a bleak place to live fifty or more years ago.
      The print is a little bit of a departure from the previous prints of the Fenland landscape but I am reasonably happy with it, although there are things that I would do differently next time but that, I suppose, is how you learn. Never mind two of the prints are already sold so that's two happy customers.
      'Fenland derelict' is printed on 300gsm Madrid Litho in ten colours in an edition of twelve and the print area is 210mm x 210mm.
      Right, on to the next print.