Sourdough 3 has landed

      This loaf, there are two to be precise but here's one of them in glorious close-up, was made with a different yeast starter. On this occasion the yeast culture, or starter, or Levine, or whatever you wish to call it is based on a yeast culture from Tuscany, a culture that was originally grown using natural yeast from the Sangiovese grape. Chianti to us commoners.
      The previous four loaves were made with a culture that was started 80 years ago in Oregon and that particular culture was grown from a natural yeast that came from Merlot grapes and a jar of it is still going strong in our refrigerator. If I have got that wrong our daughter will give me a right bollocking, her being a Master of Wine and all that and having provided me with both of the starter cultures.
      Anyway, the two new loaves look really excellent and later this evening I will be donning my test pilot's suit and boldly going into testing and tasting mode.
      As I have said before, someone simply has to do it.
      Here we go. Lovely. Diet? What diet?