West Norfolk prunes

      I'm sure that there's a new delicacy waiting to be discovered and it's just hanging there in West Norfolk orchards wherever there are plum trees growing.
      You can buy, in posh delicatessens, all the sun dried tomatoes you'd ever need never mind the raisins, sultanas and currants. But what about those sun and weather dried plums that have become West Norfolk weather dried prunes?
      They haven't had rats or birds on them and they are so tenacious they're still on the tree waiting to be picked and soaked in apple juice, orange juice or even brandy. I'm quite positive that once softened, however you softened them, these Victoria plums would go down a treat with your porridge or in a cake or pudding. hey'd probably keep you very regular too.Then there are the usual prune induced digestive bonuses.
        One day. One day.