A different approach

      I discovered this wonderful vehicle in a farmyard as I parked the car on the way to the river. A hovercraft. What a brilliant solution to the problem of being an upwardly mobile pike angler.
      It will need a thorough overhaul, sort the engine out, or better still fit an engine. Treat it to a new skirt then give it a polish and you are away. It's even painted as a Fen Tiger, how appropriate. Accessibility to pike areas that boats can't get too and you can even go cross country, what could possibly go wrong.
      The boss says you can't row it back if you break down in the middle of nowhere and I'd get more use out of the beer keg and planting some flowers in the sink.
      There goes the dream. How I hate practical, rational people.


Bureboyblog said…
Monster bait boat.