A hard rain is falling

      Finally an escape out onto the fen for an impromptu and totally unplanned two hour session. The domestic demands have stopped pike fishing for almost three weeks, not that the weather conditions have been totally enticing.
      Just for a change the afternoon was grey and it was steadily raining but when you have the chance you have to take it and go, so out into the rain was the only way. The drain was calm and I opted to fish by the moored boats near the houses and road to try and catch some fresh bait, meanwhile the rain fell steadily and remorselessly with the red floats seemingly the only spots of colour relieving the great greyness.
       Punched bread and worms couldn't tempt any fresh bait but meanwhile the two rods were out in the drain baited with a frozen roach and a smelt. Then they were moved to the middle and near bank with half a small mackerel and a pollan. Then they were repositioned yet again with a frozen rudd and smelt. This continued until dusk and nothing moved anywhere, well apart from the kingfishers who were taking a toll on tiny fry that were less than one inch long. Yet again another blank, this time in the pouring rain just to ring the changes.
      The farmer rang me last night to ask how I got on and told me about a section of drain where he has seen predators moving but I'll have to load my gear into the tractor to get there.
      I'll be there and I hope he brings me back.



Bureboyblog said…
Get on that tractor bor..
I'll be on it, be sure.
The farmer was away on Saturday so hopefully it'll be sometime this week.