A quick rub down with a woady rag

      A cold clear night and and a frosty early morning with the full moon sinking rapidly towards the western horizon, in fact the moon didn't make the horizon because it disapeared behind a bank of cloud within minutes.
      The photograph was taken last week when we had the 'super blue blood moon' event. As a child I don't ever remember the media making a big thing about the moon but then on a black and white fuzzy television it wouldn't have looked much and on the radio, well, it would have been up there with ventriloquists on the radio. Peter Brough and Archie Andrews being a fine example.
      Before that, in West Norfolk, we'd have covered ourselves in woad and danced around naked in the orchard, at the moment you'd be blue with cold, not woad.
      What's that? We've got a woad party in the orchard this weekend?
      That'll be something to look forward to. Where's my woady rag?