Back to two

      I'm pleased to say that we're back to living with two Jack Russell Terriers again. We've always said that all our terriers have found us and never once has it been us going out and finding them and Lucie has proved to be no different but as far as I am concerned she is called Luce. Luce is Middle English for pike, our first cat was called Pike as was our first Jack Russell Terrier who was joined by Ruffe and Minnow. We re-homed Barney when he was five and we had no say in naming him so the nearest he gets to a fish is being called 'barnacle'.

      Now we have to wait a week before we can take them out into the countryside and walk them together on the vets orders, but they both charge around the house rolling and tumbling until they just keel over and go to sleep. Pleasingly she is as feisty as you would expect a Jack Russell Terrier to be, as Barney found out within half an hour of her arrival, puppy teeth are like needles and thankfully Barney is an exceedingly benign terrier.
      The pecking order has been and established I have no doubt that they will make a great team as long has Barney doesn't think he is in charge.
      Now she has gone to sleep on my desk.


Neil Ramshaw said…
She'll help him stay young. Good move!!
She's a bundle of energy that's for sure