Cold and windy morning

      A miserable morning when viewed from inside the house but not too bad once you were outside, apart from the lazy wind that is. Early on the sky was a clear blue and the grass was white with frost but now a weather front is rapidly approaching and bringing cold, icy rain with it.
      When we first moved to West Norfolk eight years ago we didn't understand what the farmers were talking about when they described as the Fenland 'Lazy Wind'. In a very short time we did and the definition of 'a wind too lazy to go round you so it goes straight through you' is decidedly appropriate.
      So is chilly wind cold as a razor blade. I think Bob Dylan said that.


Bureboyblog said…
What a lovely photograph. The wind would knock you over tonight. The Charabanc is back on the road so I'll wait till the coast is clear then sneak some short session gear in the boot past the Commander in Chief. Who has only gone and got me a days guiding with John Bailey. I really can't wait for that.